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"To commemorate my ordination to the priesthood very dear family friends commissioned Elsa Wachs to make a white stole that has two symbols on it-- the dove representing the Holy Spirit and the alpha and omega- the symbol of Christ. Each time I place this stole around my neck I am touched not only by its symbolism but more so by the love that is attached to it because it was not only given in love it was also made in love."

Peter A. Clark, S. J., Ph.D.
John McShain Chair in Ethics
Saint Joseph's University. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This workshop gave me a better perspective and greater enlightenment for the depth of the gift (legacy) I wanted to leave to my children. It allowed my creativity for this project to go to a new level "

Mary Marvin

"The exquisite Chuppah (wedding canopy) that Elsa Wachs created for us is a treasure for our family. It weaves together our family's folklore, past and present with elegance and incredible artistic and historic detail.  Our Chuppah is a constant, beautiful reminder of who we are and from where we came."

Lisa and Gregg Fallick
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Elsa Wachs is an articulate advocate of the Aesthetic dimension of
spirituality.  She has taught us to recognize that the arts can capture and reflect our deepest experiences in a unique way. Her explorations of the
interaction of art and technology integrate cognitive and affective dimensions of human creativity. Her mastery of the subject matter and  warm personality provide for an energizing and memorable presentation".

Saul P. Wachs, Ph.D.
Rosaline B. Feinstein Professor of Education and Liturgy and
Chair of the Education Department-Gratz College

"Our guild was very happy with the delightful presentation made by Elsa on the wonderful and intricate work she does. Initially we contacted Elsa after reading an article she wrote for Art Quilt magazine (Issue #9, 1998) regarding her use of the computer to generate images and print fabric which was then used in her art work. The group thoroughly enjoyed her slide show presentation and seeing the actual pieces she brought along as well as hearing the stories that went into the making of each individual piece. Many in our guild were inspired to experiment with new techniques and bring in unexpected outside materials to play with in their subsequent quilt making".

Cindy Friedman, Treasurer
Heartstrings Quilt Guild, Bala Cynwyd, PA

"Over the years, Elsa Wachs has elevated the principle of "L'Hadur Mitzvah", the beautification and adornment of the commandment to heights of unparalleled grandeur. She has, quite literally, woven an exquisite and elegant tapestry of celebration into our lives and for that we are eternally grateful!"

Rabbi Robert S. Leib
Old York Road Temple-Beth Am, Abington, PA

"I initially had in mind to make a wall hanging to mark the occasion of my granddaughter's Bat Mitzvah; then at Elsa's urging I decided to make a tallit and bag as well.  Elsa Wachs' workshop "Presence of the Past" was very instrumental in channeling ideas that I had about the design and construction of both the wall hanging and the prayer shawl set into a more cohesive and substantive plan. The workshop helped me to focus my ideas, resulting in profoundly meaningful and very personal-to-my-granddaughter true heirloom fiber art pieces".                               

Barbara Lawn
Artist Berwyn, PA

"Elsa Wachs came to our quilt group in Jerusalem to give the slide lecture and workshop Where its AATT: The Artist and Today's Technology. She shared numerous tools in the high-tech quilt artist's workbox and demonstrated techniques on the the computer with various software packages, copy machine methods, and applications of chemistry to enhance our art and craft.  Many of our members began to incorporate these various techniques into their work with wonderful results, including the many ways the internet and web benefit the quiltmaker. During her visit she also shared her excitement of creating meaningful pieces for lifecycle events. Many of us were so inspired we began creating very special family heirloom pieces."

Debbie Markowitz
Jerusalem Group of the Israel Quilter's Association

"Thank you for sharing "Sacred Spaces" with the Main Line Quilters. It was a jewel in one program calendar this year. I watched when ever possible the expressions of our members who all were keenly focused on the entire presentation. Just as other members expressed, I, too, hope sometime in the coming year to create my own personal sacred space".

Ruth Lazarus
Main Line Quilters Guild; Valley Forge, PA.

"I want to compliment Elsa Wachs on the outstanding work she has done in making Judaic textiles and ritual objects. I am extremely impressed with her devotion in researching Jewish classical sources in order to create authentic Jewish designs and to use appropriate Hebrew words; with her great originality of designs; with her excellence of execution..."

Louis Kaplan, Rabbi
Congregation Ohev Shalom
Wallingford, PA

"...Elsa Wachs pushes the envelope of tradition by developing new objects..."

Jewish Exponent, Philadelphia

"Harmony is clearly reflected in Elsa Wachs' art, as it is in her life and her home..... Participants in her workshops do a great deal of research before the start of their projects. She guides them through every phase ...."

Women's League Outlook Magazine

"Elsa Wachs moves easily between the ancient world of the Old Testament and the high-tech world of computer wizardry when she creates her unique works of art. Created out of the two worlds are fabric art pieces, at once incredibly beautiful and powerfully spiritual".

Kay Raftery
Philadelphia Inquirer

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