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Achieve Spirituality ~ Celebrate Life

Over the years I have been on a rewarding and artistically personal journey. With these lectures I will share many of my experiences with you.

Presence of the Past

Where it's AATT (The Artist & Today's Technology)

Art and Technology Meet Ritual

Sacred Spaces

Israeli Crafts Chronicle

Holocaust Torah Tales

I have worked with many people to create their own `legacies for tomorrow' bringing spirituality and texture to their family life and celebrations.  I invite you to join me to connect creatively with your own experiences.

The Third Dimension: Sculpture and/or Sculpt Your Art Quilt (Fiber Technique) NEW!

You've Got Brass!: and Other Metals in Your Art Quilts   (Fiber Technique)  NEW!

Create a Legacy   (All media welcome)

Create an Heirloom Tallit   (Fabric)

Commemorative Book or Wall Hanging   (Fabric)

Commemorative Book or Album   (Paper)

Commemorative Table Linen   (Fabric)

Challah Cover or Matzah Cover     (Fabric)

What's In A Name? - Book or Album   (Paper)

What's In A Name? - Book or Wall Hanging   (Fabric)

Customized Workshops   (All Media Welcome)

Workshop and Lecture Fees upon request.
e-mail me various details such as available dates, current fees, transportation and accomodation requirements, etc... Thank you.

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