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Umbrellas of Ancestery
 (Jewish Exponent, June 20, 2002)


Chuppas of Hope
(Jewish Woman Magazine, Summer 2002)


Manhattan The Jewish Week April 11, 1997
 ``Elijah's cup encounters unconventional competition at Hebrew Union College exhibit....... Elsa Wachs' ``Flowering Waters," a simple cup encased in an etheral white fiber sculpture, evokes everything from forests and flames to traveling spirits....."


Jewish Exponent December 1997
``Elsa Wachs pushes the envelope of tradition by developing new objects...... `Currents and Connections: Movements Between Tradition and Technology--Art Work by elsa Wachs:' [a one woman show]...... In this exhibition, artist Wachs incorporated a contemporary take on tradition......"


Philadelphia Inquirer April 7, 1995
Neighbors Section
``She makes art for faith's sake..... Elsa Wachs moves easily between the ancient world of the Old Testament and the high-tech world of computer wizardry when she creates her unique works of art.....Antique lace, embroidered... words and a computer combine for award-winning design...." [


Main Line Times March 16, 1995
[photo of Torah Cover on front page]
``.... Elsa Wachs of Wallingford, [created a unique mantel (covering for the Torah..... a fabric artist, used a background of gray velvet and silk for the mantle...... [and designed the breastplate, rimmonim, torah pointed to be] made by metal artist Richard Bitterman of Chicago...."


The Philadelphia Inquirer March 21, 1995
``...... the Holocaust Torah from Kisvarde, Hungary was dressed in a cover designed by artist, Elsa Wachs...."


Delaware County Times December 11, 1992
``Delco Artists featured in contemporary crafts show....Elsa Wachs......created an intricate and unusual ``Megillah of Fire" that symbolizes the theme of this year's exhibit: freedom and liberation........"  [


Special Events Magazine Wedding Watch  November 1991
The Chuppah as Family History: ``Weddings are part of family history, but family history is rarely part of the wedding ceremony. Elsa Wachs, and artist in Philadelphia [GALLERY]


Jewish Exponent October 18, 1991
Sketches: The Art World
``.......... Only winner Elsa Wachs; priestly robe would have made my personal list of the best of the best....


Jewish Times October 3, 1991
``Artifacts show explodes with color, beauty..... The winner in the ceremonial body ornaments category, Elsa Wachs, of Wallingford, created a dazzling priestly robe of silk adorned with sterling silver and antique bells......."


Women's League Outlook Summer Issue 1982
``..... Our convention logo artist......Harmony is clearly reflected in Elsa's art, as it is in her life and her home....... Participants in her workshops do a great deal of research before the star of their projects. She guides them through every phase ....."


Main Line Jewish Expression January 25, 1979
``Judaism By Hand: .......to her, seeing the popularity of Jewish handcrafts is a blessing. Expressing her own devotion to her Jewish heritage through the work of her hands is a blessing. and sharing that creation with her family--that's hiddur mitzvot....."

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